By his geographical location Tenería Ramírez its privileged because is connected to several maritime ports such as Colima and Lazaro Cárdenas, as well as one of the best automotive cluster of the Bajio giving it an excellent position in the automotive sector.

One of the biggest attractions for doing business in Bajío is the Inner Harbor, which has become the most important multimodal and business logistics platform in central Mexico, as well as being the only port of its kind in the country.

Also the Multiterminal Intermodal that is the one of biggest growth within the group Ferromex in all the country that offers the non-stop service from GPI to Chicago.

It currently has more than 40 exporters and importers from Guanajuato and the region.



  • We organize technical, material, financial and human resources in order to achieve the established objectives in the mission of our company.


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